OKSI helps drones develop minds of their own

The new OMNISCIENCE technology will help drones find their own way in life.


OKSI is moving drones one step closer to autonomy with the release of its OMNISCIENCE software.

OMNISCIENCE is a modular and containerised software suite of autonomy and computer vision technologies that work together to provide intelligence to virtually any air platform.

OMNISCIENCE is offered as both individual containerised capabilities or tightly coupled interoperable modules, providing next-level autonomy and adaptability to UAS/UAVs.

Some of the available modules include OMNInav for GPS-denied navigation, OMNIseek for Automatic Detection and Recognition (ATD/ATR), OMNIlocate for providing CAT I/II target coordinates in denied environments, and OMNItarget for terminal guidance.

These individual modules can work together to provide true autonomy when managed and controlled by the mission executive module, OMNImind.

OMNImind provides conditional behaviour logic and adapts to dynamic mission environments on the fly.

OMNISCIENCE provides the operator the option to plan and fly truly autonomous missions, completely passively with no external dependencies on GPS or RF communications.

For platforms with enough processing power, OMNISCIENCE is ready for rapid integration into any air platform.

Manufacturers and system operators can hand-select the custom software modules based on customer or mission requirements or integrate the entire OMNISCIENCE software stack for full mission autonomy.

The OMNISCIENCE software portfolio brings autonomy at scale, unlocking capabilities such as true autonomy and affordable mass integration.

OKSI CEO Chris HolmesParker said: “OMNISCIENCE sets a new standard for unmanned aerial autonomy, enabling mission success in any environment without external dependencies.

“Our technology ensures that warfighters stay ahead with true intelligence and adaptability.”

The OKSI team is expert in GPS-denied navigation, targeting, and autonomy. The OMNISCIENCE software enables platform developers to achieve the new gold standard in autonomy: Intelligence by OKSI.

OKSI encourages UAS/UAV manufacturers and government entities to reach out to discuss integration so they can elevate their platforms with capabilities that allow them to operate anytime, anywhere, without fear of being jammed or emitting detectable signals.

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